how it works- 10k challenge vip indicators

How It Works

Getting started with the Scalping VIP Indicator and the $10k challenge is very easy. 
You can get started by following a few simple steps

how it works- 10k challenge scalping vip indicators
What Is The Scalping VIP Indicator?
how it works- 10k challenge scalping vip indicators
The powerful yet simple to use Scalping VIP Indicator™ shows you where to take profit & set stop losses, while finding you quick & fast profitable trading opportunities 24/hrs. This indicator makes profit up to 93% per week and can help you complete the $100 to $10k in 40 day challenge fast.

✓ Effortless Profit-Making: Navigate the markets like a PRO! This indicator shows you live trading signals for taking profits and setting stop losses. It finds you scalping trade opportunities that can make you quick profits with a high accuracy. 

✓ User-Friendly Easy To Use Indicator: The VIP Scalping Indicator™ is designed and created by top expert traders in a simple to use way, making it easy to profit from even if you're a complete beginner allowing you to trade the markets profitably 24/7.

✓ Grow Your Trading Account Fast: The VIP Scalping Indicator™ is designed to grow your trading account balance from $100 to $10k in 40 days. If you don't grow your account you can get a full refund.

Follow The 3 Simple Steps Below To Get Access Now
how it works vip indicators $10k challenge $100
1) Create a TradingView Profile (free)
Sign up for a free account here. TradingView is free of charge and our indicators work with the TradingView platform. (If you already have a TradingView account, Go to step 2). TradingView is the trading Platform that you can use  our Trading indicators in. 
how it works- 10k challenge scalping vip indicators
2) Order VIP Trading Indicators
You can sign up & get access to the powerful VIP Scalping indicator for just $14 here. The $14 offer will give you 24/7 access to VIP Scalping indicator & $10k Challenge™. After signing up, you can add the indicators to your TradingView account & use them instantly. $100 to $10k challenge how it works
3) Start Trading Profitably!
Once you have got access to VIP Scalping Indicator, you'll be able to benefit from all the powerful & profitable trading indicators! VIP indicators work on all markets, all time frames and will always update you when a great trading opportunity is available for you.
Once you have joined and purchased the VIP Scalping indicator membership, you'll be able to get live support and help from our team of expert traders. If you are completely new to trading, don't worry as we'll guide you step by step with getting everything set up from start to finish.
How to add indicators to your chart

Below is a simple step by step guide on how you can add all the VIP Indicators to your TradingView charts in only 1 minute. $100 to $10k challenge how it works

Step 1) Purchase the Scalping Indicator: $100 to $10k challenge how it works

To get access to the VIP Scalping indicator, you first need to get access HERE for $14

Once you have completed your purchase on our website, you will then be instantly directed to the thank you page where you can get instant access to the indicator. You will also get a confirmation email with access to the thank you page.

Step 2) Use This Trading Broker To Take Your Trades With (Recommended)
Plus: Get $50 to trade with for free. 
    ✓ Very Low Minimum Deposit
    ✓ ​​Get $50 To Trade With Free 
   ✓ Trade 24/7 + On Weekends
   ✓ Instant Withdrawals 24hrs 

If you don't have a trading broker, you need one to take your trades with. You can sign up with the easy to use broker on the button below. This broker allows Forex, Stocks, Crypto Trading & is great for beginners!  Plus: You can get $50 to trade with for free as a signup bonus.

You can use your own broker if you have one.

Step 3) How To Start Using The Indicators And Add Them To Your TradingView Chart: $100 to $10k challenge how it works

Go to TradingView and log into your account. You can create a free TradingView account HERE if you don't have an account

You can then click the menu at the top and open up the charts by clicking "Products" and then "Supercharts"

Step 4) Adding Indicator To The TradingView Chart - Part 2:

On the VIP Indicators thank you page, click the button where it says "GET ACCESS"  and you will be directed to the next page where you can get all the indicators directly.

On the next page you will see something that looks like this: $100 to $10k challenge how it works

Enter your email and you will be directed to the next page and then see this: $100 to $10k challenge how it works

Click where it says "Claim TradingView Access" and you will then be directed to the final page where you can get access to your indicators: $100 to $10k challenge how it works

Once you are on this page you will be able to watch the video on how to find your tradingview username and add it to get instant access to the indicators. This is the final stage and from here you will be able to use the indicators!

Step 5) How to add indicators to your charts from the TradingView platform

Adding the VIP Scalping indicators on your chart is very easy and simple to do.

Firstly, open up any chart up on TradingView, then at the top of the page click "Indicators" 

Then once you have clicked indicators, you will see "invite only scripts" which is where you will find all our private VIP indicators. 
Check out the picture below as an example: $100 to $10k challenge how it works

Select any of the indicators you would like to use, and add it to your charts.

Below is an example of the VIP Scalping Indicators™ attached to the chart: $100 to $10k challenge how it works

We always use the default settings for all indicators and never change them as the default settings are the most profitable and designed to be consistent. 

How to add indicators to your smartphone: $100 to $10k challenge how it works

You can follow steps 1 to 3 which are above, even if you are using your smart phone.

1. First of all, you must download the free TradingView-app for your smartphone.

2. Open the TradingView app, then log in to your account with your TradingView username and password. (click the menu to log in or signup)

3. Click on “Chart” and then press the “+” symbol (which is below the chart). 

4. A new window will appear showing you all the TradingView features. 

5. Click on “Indicators”  [ƒx].  Once the window opens,  click on invite-only scripts.  

6. Once you have clicked invite only scripts, you will see the entire selection of our VIP indicators. You can click any of the indicators to start using them instantly and profit!

New to Trading?  
You'll get access to our entire online trading course - Designed to help you become a successful trader! how it works $100 to $10k challenge how it works $100 to $10k challenge

Start trading confidently with our beginner-friendly course! It's filled with simple videos, easy-to-read books, and lots of easy to follow examples. 

You'll find everything explained in simple terms, perfect for anyone around the world. This course has 100+ lessons, covering basic to advanced techniques.

It's a step-by-step guide to make you a smart trader, no matter your experience level.  This trading course is included with the VIP Indicators. how it works $100 to $10k challenge

Ready To Get 24/7 Access To Some Of The World's Most Profitable Scalping VIP Indicators?
Scalping VIP Indicators Are Designed To Make You Quick & Fast Trading Profits
scalping vip how does it work , $100 to $10k challenge
 ​​Get Access To The World's Most Profitable Advanced Scalping Indicators
 ​Scalping VIP Indicators Work For All Different Trading Markets & All Time Frames
 ​Scalping VIP Indicators Are Designed To Make Quick And Fast Profits
 ​Scalping VIP Indicators Are Easy To Use And Find The Best Trading Opportunities 24/hrs
 ​Get Live Support From Our Expert Team With Getting Set Up + Tutorial Videos On How To Use Each Indicator how it works $100 to $10k challenge

Get 24/hr Alerts & Stay Updated With Our Private Scalping VIP Members Only Telegram Group... how it works $100 to $10k challenge how to start

With the private telegram group, you'll receive daily signals & alerts revealing the most profitable trade opportunities that the Scalping VIP indicators are showing for the day. how it works $100 to $10k challenge
 Join Thousands Of Profitable Scalping VIP Indicator Members Worldwide & Get Updated 24/7
Once you have got access to the Scalping VIP Indicators, you'll also have access to live Telegram weekly automated alerts, powerful strategies, live analysis, tips and many updates on all of our indicators to help you stay ahead of the markets and never miss any profitable opportunities! 
Below are some frequently asked questions:

How Can I Get Started?
You can simply get started right now by clicking HERE .. Once you have paid and purchased Scalping VIP Indicator, you'll get direct lifetime access to 2 of the indicators instantly.  Once you have paid you will get redirected to the page which gives you access to everything. You will also get an email with the link to your products.
How Do I Add The Indicators To My TradingView Charts?
Step 1) Go to TradingView HERE and log into your account or create an account

Step 2) You can follow the other simple steps at the top of this page
How Does It Work?
Once you have purchase the Scalping VIP indicator, you will be able to get access to the indicators and add them to your charts on TradingView.  Adding the indicators to your chart is very simple and we have tutorial videos for members on how to use the indicators and add them to your chart. Our indicators work on the Tradingview app which is a free trading chart platform for any device. Once you have added an indicator to your chart, you'll be able to use and profit from it trading any market as well as getting buy and sell alerts which will help you find the most profitable trades for the day. You will also be able to join our private telegram group with other members where you will see live alerts and profitable opportunities on a daily basis.  This indicator is also designed to help you pass the $100 to $10k in 40 day challenge.
What Are The 2 Scalping Indicators?
The 2 profitable Scalping Indicators are:
1) Scalping VIP Indicator™ 
2) Scalping VIP Oscillator™ 
Can A Complete Beginner Use Our Scalping VIP Indicators
Yes, 100%! All of our scalping indicators are extremely easy and very simple to use. The indicators do all the complexed work for you and simply tell you where to buy, where to take profit and where to place your stop loss.  We also offer new members free help / support with getting set up and creating an account to take your trades with and everything else. Even if you can't read the charts, our simple & powerful Scalping Indicators will tell you when to buy and where to take profit, finding you profitable market opportunities 24/Hrs per day
What Markets Do Our Indicators Work With?
Scalping VIP Indicators work on any market available on TradingView. The Indicators also work on all timeframes including 1m, 5m, 30m, 1H, 4H, 1D, etc.
The Trading indicators that  we provide can work for any style of trading, whether it is short term daily or long term trading, our indicators work for all types.
How Accurate Are The Scalping VIP Indicators?
On average, the scalping VIP indicators can make profit up to 93% of the time. This is based on years of backtesting by our team and customers.
What Devices Can I Use The Scalping VIP Indicators On?
You can use our indicators on all devices such as Smartphone, Laptop, PC and everything else!
How Do Scalping VIP Indicators Work?
Our Scalping VIP indicator are based on powerful scalping strategies that are built and tested by our expert trading team. Our focus is to give you indicators that produce the highest results with high winning rates of up to 93%.

The indicators are all used on the TradingView charting platform, and you can receive trading signals and alerts straight to your smartphone, desktop, tablet, or any other device.  
What Settings Should I Use For The Trading Indicators?
We always use the default settings and never change it as the default settings are the most profitable and designed to be consistent. 
How Can I Trust Scalping VIP Indicators?
All of our indicators have been tested for years and have been constantly generating profits for a long time. Our indicators are used by many successful traders to help them find profitable trading opportunities. We also offer a free telegram group where you can see our indicators in action. Visit the homepage to view the telegram group.
What Do You Get After Purchasing?
You'll receive 2 of our profitable scalping VIP trading indicators + The $100 to $10k challenge access + You'll get to join the private telegram group.
What Countries Does This Work In?
You can get access to our scalping trading  indicators  from any country anywhere In the world. We accept people from all over the world with no issue.
Are Scalping VIP Indicators Only For Professional Traders?
Our Scalping VIP indicators are used by many successful and professional traders around the world, but you do not need trading  experience to understand the signals provided by the Scalping VIP indicators. The trading indicators do all the hard work for you telling you where to buy and where to sell.  We designed the indicators in a way to make your trading as simple as possible.   Once you see a buy or sell alert signal, you can then take a trade directly into your broker account. 

(If you don't have a broker account we will show you the best brokers you can use to take your trades with.. We will also show you how to take a trade and place a stop loss / take profit and everything else)
Do Scalping VIP Indicators Work Good On All Markets?
Yes, absolutely. We designed the Scalping VIP indicators to work on all markets such as Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Futures, and Commodities.
Do Scalping VIP Indicators Work With A Free TradingView Account?
Yes, you can use the Scalping VIP indicators with a free TradingView account (Basic plan)
Do Scalping VIP Indicators Repaint?
No, all our indicators are 100 % non-repainting indicators.  All of our Scalping VIP indicators generate live accurate signals.
How Much Does It Cost?
It only costs $14 per month - You can cancel anytime instantly. 
 Is There A Money Back Guarantee?
Yes, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee!
Is There 24/7 Help & Support For Members? 
Once you have purchased the scalping vip indicators, you will have access to 24/7 support. Our support team will guide you in the right direction and help you with any questions or doubts that you may have with trading. You can purchase HERE
how it works scalping vip indicators
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